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Web Design and development:

What is a website for?
A. There are hundreds of reasons to develop a website but a small number of general declarations can help you comprehend your requirements. It works as a dashboard for your products, services or any other stuff that you want to share with millions of people who might not be available by any other means. Any type of business can grow and make money on the internet for you.


How does a web design progression take place?

A. After receiving a customer query we send work proposal with detailed pricing and payment schedule. A product demo is presented before starting work on customer's project. Then an initial demo product is developed on the basis of customer requirements. Finally, an end product is delivered to the customer after making necessary changes.


How much an average website costs?
A. Multiple factors involve in increasing the cost of a web site like domain name registration, web server rental, website design, website promotion and maintenance.


What is website hosting & how does it work?
A. Web hosting or website hosting, is the practice of building a web site and permitting others around the globe to view the web site. A web hosting provider is principally a trade which rents space on its servers. After the process of creating a website, it is uploaded or transferred to the hosting provider's server. The hosting provider subsequently allows the world to view the web site when somebody types in the web address of the internet site.

Once a site is up on the server, it is proscribed by specific server software. At present more than 60% of all servers on the internet use Apache server. When a web site is twisted on the server, the server software is informed where the web site is on the hard drive and the particulars of the account. Users type in a domain name (web site address) and request specific page from their web browser, which is sent to the web hosting provider's server where the web site is positioned. The server software then finds the exact site and page demanded in its catalog, and figures out which page the user needs and then propels that page to the user's web browser where the page is displayed.


Do I need to optimize my website?
A. Though setting up a website can be straightforward, bringing people to your website to buy products or find other stuff that you want to share globally, discover your business, or pay attention to the cause you support is obviously a challenging task. To make your website more visible you need to optimize your web site.


What is the role of e-commerce in web design & development?
A. e-commerce helps to accomplish fiscal dealings over the Internet. This is a cost effective method of promoting your business, producing extra profits and delivering superior services to your customers. Our professional e-commerce web design solution comprises of effective product appearance and assures an enjoyable user understanding for a potential customer hence coming up with a sole e-commerce web site design.


What is BPO? How does it work?
A. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the power of technology or consultant process vendors to offer and manage an organization's critical or non-critical venture progression and requests. BPO is nothing but a process through which a company handover part of its job to another company. The most common BPO services that we provide are, search engine optimization, web site design and development, call centers, data entry, virtual assistance outsourcing.


What is outsourcing? Why do I need to outsource?
A. Outsourcing refers to a corporation those contracts with another company to offer services that might or else be performed by domestic employees. Many large companies currently outsource jobs such as call center services. The major reason behind outsourcing is to save money because many of the companies that offer outsourcing services are able to do work for considerably less money, as they have fewer overhead expenses to worry about.


How can I manage a call center effectively?
A. Directing a call center requires public management skills and organizational insight. You must keep employees aggravated in a rhythmic job while maintaining client service quality and recruitment levels. Follow these steps to get the work done.

1. Focus on caring your employees cheerfully. Always treat them with admiration and take note to their ideas, even the more harebrained schemes. Never dispirit creativity.

2. Be seated with your associates time to time and listen to calls. Realize what to be revealed in conversations.

3. Keep an eye on service levels and dump charges. Be familiar with service levels, appropriate for your commerce and make sure that it can be met. Proper employment level is very important.

4. Give incentives to your employees that rewards performance. Guarantee that you poise rate with quality to run a successful call center.

5. Put helpful worth agenda in place. A call center should have a plan large enough to tolerably wrap all acquaintances and their functions. The quality program has to be steady, even among dissimilar value reviewers.
6. Deal with your employee’s timetable devotion. Arrange certain breaks and meetings are spread over a period of time, especially in a small call center. Keep your employees prepared for inbound calls. They must be in their places logged into their phones and not in a wrap up mode that blocks incoming calls.

7. Prepare yourself for staffing needs. Turnover is a problem in call centers. Work with your staff on their career growth in order to keep them, but be prepared to hire when needed.

What kind of services call centers provide?
A. Call centers provide a variety of services like, inbound call center services, outbound call center services, appointment setting and many more.


What skills do I need for data entry?
A. First of all you absolutely need to be an organized person with good hand over your computer. Typing and keyboarding really matters. Secondly you should have good skills while working on the internet and getting things proficiently. You'll probably spend most of your day in front of the computer, so you need to be really excellent at working online!